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Bioremediation Inc. is a state-of-the-art company providing products for the application of bioremediation methods to eliminate hazardous environmental pollutants from contaminated soils and ground water.
The products that we provide absorb, control, clean and bio-degrade contaminants in domestic and industrial locations in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.


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Traditional Solutions?

Conventional approaches usually mean that the contaminated material is just shifted from one place to another, without being eliminated on the spot. More importantly, some of the substances used to dissolve oily wastes including harsh solvents and petrochemical absorbents are themselves pollutants. They may even be toxic and corrosive and also have to be specially treated. Moving the pollution from A to B is not a solution and can be very expensive.

Natural Solutions
Bioremediation products provide an completely different approach. Unlike many of the harsh cleaners, toxic solvents and abrasive granular absorbents are still commonly used, Our products are all biodegradable and safe to use, as well as highly cost-effective. Customers using these products can reduce the environmental impact of their operations and achieve higher standards of health and safety at work.

We provide bioremediation product solutions for low-cost site cleanup with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Bioremediation's products are used to enhance the indigenous microbial populations and produce aggressive bioremedial response to a wide range of hazardous organic materials.

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