Baad Bugs™ Bilge Cleaner 5 Gallon Pail

Baad Bugs™ Bilge Cleaner 5 Gallon Pail

Product Information

   Fast-acting, microbial bilge cleaner cleans, deodorizes
   and digests hydrocarbons in bilges

Ground-breaking Microbe Technology remediates
   hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide
Quickly breaks down grease, oil, fuel, sludge, grime and
   other contaminants
Reduces BOD’s, COD’s and suspended solids
Eliminates source of explosive fumes
Eliminates algae, fungi and other organic substances
Removes existing deposits and prevents further scum
Eliminates foul odors, leaving bilge smelling clean
Flushes quickly and easily
Easy-to-use -- pour in, run boat and drain
Non-toxic to wildlife, aquatic life, plant life and humans
Water and bio-based, all-natural without any phosphates

Apply one gallon for every 50 gallons of bilge water. Run boat normally for one day and drain. The rolling action of the boat washes the bilge and adds oxygen to aid in digesting hydrocarbons. Pump out and dispose of in an approved manner.

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Pack Size:  5 Gallon Pail

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Hear what our customers are saying...

“Baad Bugs really do work, I’m a believer!!!"

After using Bioremediations boat bilge cleaner and Baad Bugs to clean and solve a very costly and potentially environmental hazard responsibility, in a low cost and fast procedure, I was compelled to write this letter of thanks.

I own a 65 ft. motor yacht, through a series of unfortunate events I found myself in a pickle.

My bilge was contaminated with approximately fifteen gallons of diesel, eight gallons of old motor oil and five gallons of hydraulic oil. What a mess, what was I going to do. Well I knew it had to be removed, but how? The suggested options were all very expensive and time consuming. I was continually worried about EPA fines if my bilge pumps were to pump the hazards over board.

A new friend told me to use “Baad Bugs”, after he explained how they worked it sounded unbelievable. I went on line to to learn more about them. Still skeptical of quick fixes I obtained a small amount of “Baad Bugs” isolated one bilge section of my boat, followed the directions and WOW, now I am a believer… It does work…

My problem was solved; my diesel smelling environmental hazard was reduced to gray water.

I ordered more “Baad Bugs”, cleaned all my bilges and engine room components, quickly and easily. (Just a few hours) I will always have Bioremediations “Baad Bugs” and Bilge Cleaner on board.

Thank You, Bioremediation, Inc.






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