HAZMAT - Gas / Diesel Cleanup Solutions

When responding to a Gas or Diesel (hydrocarbon) spill, the safety of the response personnel, citizens and our environment is of the utmost concern. Thousands of small spills occur daily as a result of motor vehicle accidents involving ruptured tanks and flow lines.

Occasionally an accident will involve a transport tanker carrying up to 5000 Gallons of gas and or diesel fuel. These fuels are flammable (combustible in the case of diesel) and represent several primary hazards to the responders and the community at large.


Currently, many departments and emergency responders’ calls for the use of foams. While this approach is adequate in some instances, there are many drawbacks to using foam. “Foaming” spills creates an environmental & operational challenge (Many foams are considered hazardous materials themselves) and can result in exorbitantly high, long-term secondary cleanup costs for the responsible party. Finally, due to the time consuming nature of foam responses, incident response costs are inflated with responders and apparatus potentially unavailable for an unduly extended time periods.


Video of Magnesium Fire Extinguished by FEM-12 SC



Public and Environmental Safety
Public Safety and our environment cannot be compromised. By taking advantage of new technology in Bioremediation's products, responders are able to perform a more effective, safer response. This in turn reduces the liability for the community, increases safety, lowers costs and helps in the protection of the environment.

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