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In the U.S., Brownfield redevelopment is a major focus of the EPA's nationwide cleanup effort. Brownfield cleanup and redevelopment improve commercial company

balance sheets through substantial increases in blighted real estate property values.


Opportunities Brownfield redevelopment is occurring in inner cities, along waterways, even in rural settings. More than half of all cleanup sites include heavy metals contamination found in rail yards, at industrial and chemical sites, metal smelters, steel plants, and other sites. Brownfield cleanup involves a broad range of hazardous material cleanups involving contaminated waste, soil and sludge. Metals commonly encountered include lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury but many other metals can be encountered.

Bioremediation Accelerates Brownfield Cleanup
Using Bioremediation products, clears the obstacles to Brownfield redevelopment by reducing contaminant concentrations in soil and groundwater thus removing the environmental stigma from the property.

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