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"Hello all,

Here is a follow-up to the BaadBugs cleaner we are now using…If any of you are having issues with oily surfaces, then you need to look into this product. 

I had Steve Kennedy from Bioremediation, Inc. come out and demonstrate this product. 

We applied this product to oily concrete, bolsters, wood, metal, hoses, etc…The Baadbugs started to digest the oil in a matter of seconds…

We started by spraying some mixed product directly onto an oily bolster and agitating the area with fingers only. 

I then wiped the residual with a paper towel, and the bolster was dry and oil free…This process took about 10 seconds.

We also mixed the product into a floor scrubber and cleaned the floor in a very oily area. 

It worked equally as well there…after one pass of scrubbing and vacuuming, the concrete was not slick at all.

We used the product in areas that have not been cleaned in years, and it worked as well.  Our press room cleaner put this product through

it’s paces and it passed with flying colors…

Needless to say, we plan on adding this product to clean all of our oily surfaces…We can easily clean slick surfaces on presses,

bolsters, grating, stairs, etc…to help us cut down on our slip/fall/strain/sprain injuries we suffer in these areas.

The product is basically made up of microbes and proteins which digest oil and hydrocarbons.  The by-product is water and CO2. 

The msds is basically hazard free, unlike our current detergent cleaners.

If you want to check it out, their website is

--Cordell B.



“Baad Bugs really do work, I’m a believer!!!"

After using Bioremediations boat bilge cleaner and Baad Bugs to clean and solve a very costly and potentially environmental

hazard responsibility, in a low cost and fast procedure, I was compelled to write this letter of thanks.

I own a 65 ft. motor yacht, through a series of unfortunate events I found myself in a pickle.

My bilge was contaminated with approximately fifteen gallons of diesel, eight gallons of old motor oil and

five gallons of hydraulic oil. What a mess, what was I going to do. Well I knew it had to be removed, but how?

The suggested options were all very expensive and time consuming. I was continually worried about EPA fines if

my bilge pumps were to pump the hazards over board.

A new friend told me to use “Baad Bugs”, after he explained how they worked it sounded unbelievable.

I went on line to www.baadbugs.com to learn more about them. Still skeptical of quick fixes I obtained a small amount of “Baad Bugs” isolated one bilge section of my boat, followed the directions and WOW, now I am a believer… It does work…

My problem was solved; my diesel smelling environmental hazard was reduced to gray water.

I ordered more “Baad Bugs”, cleaned all my bilges and engine room components, quickly and easily. (Just a few hours)

I will always have Bioremediations “Baad Bugs” and Bilge Cleaner on board.

Thank You, Bioremediation, Inc.



Finally Something That Worked!
"In our industrial plant we have many hydraulic and glycerin based liquids. The overspray of these substances causes a slick floor, and numerous work comp related bills. We stretched our brains and tried many different tactics to reduce the slip and fall hazard. Increased floor scrubbing and mopping, harsh cleaning chemicals, catch basins and hoods, and even new slip resistant shoes for all the employees. But, we still accumulated injuries. When we first heard of BaadBugs we were skeptical. We've tried so many things, this stuff won't be any different. But the President of the company was so passionate about the line, even committing to perform the demonstration himself, that we figured we would give it a try. Once the demonstration started, anyone watching was amazed. This product was able to break down glycol within a matter of seconds, leaving a clean, green floor with solid traction. We tried BaadBugs on grease build up, oil, even just some old dusty cabinets. And it worked every single time, without fail. Forget the elbow grease, this stuff works great without much effort. We will always keep a stockpile of BaadBugs at the plant now. It has resolved one of our biggest safety concerns, and eliminated the risk of hefty injury bills. Cost savings and a cleaner, more environmentally friendly facility, it's a no brainer!"
Mar 01 2012, 08:55 AM
by Kristy

Fixed Slipping Belts
"I have roundthane belting to power my machines. They pick up oil from the bronze bushings next to the turning sheave, creating a slip. We would have to clean them daily. We use Super Concentrate on oil spills with much success, so tried it on the belting. It's amazing that in about a minute or two after spraying the belt, it no longer slips and stays that way for a day or two. It solved a problem we've had for forty years. Great Stuff!"
Feb 29 2012, 09:42 AM
by Housatonic Wire Co



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