• About Bioremediation Inc.

Bioremediation Inc. is a state-of-the-art company providing products for the application of bioremediation methods to eliminate hazardous environmental pollutants from contaminated soils and ground water.

The products that we provide, absorb, control, clean, and bio-degrade contaminants in domestic and industrial locations in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.

Most companies in the industrial and commercial sectors have to deal with the problems of spills, cleansing, degreasing and general remediation. Bioremediation’s highly effective products, which are safe, biodegradable, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, offer alternatives to toxic solvents and chemical or abrasive absorbents. They enable environmentally conscious companies to deal with oil spills, to “green” their production and maintenance procedures, and to improve their competitiveness through better health and safety at work and lower environmental compliance costs.


Industrial Applications
Bioremediation’s products are perfect for large and small companies including fuel distributors, gas stations, precision engineers, automotive manufacturers, fleet maintenance companies, auto repair companies, chemical companies, civil engineering firms, trucking companies, aviation and aircraft companies, food and drink manufacturers, mining companies and others.


  • What else can benefit from Bioremediation’s products?

      Routine industrial maintenance, including cleaning of machines, vehicles, and floors
      Removing oil from oil-stained concrete
      Parts washing and degreasing
     Absorbing, containing & removing spills of oil or acids on land, concrete, or water
     Dealing with leaking oil drums and tanks
      De-blocking grease traps and drains
      Industrial hand care
      Bioremediation of sludge and wastes from various industrial processes
      Simple on-site bioremediation of oil-contaminated land 
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