Cleaning and Maintenance

An Environmental Solution to Pollution!

Bioremediation products have been successfully used in Plants, Refineries, Decontamination and Cleaning, Line Cleaning, Emergency Spill Response, Wastewater Treatment, Marine Barges, Water and Soil Remediation, Machine Shop Parts Washers, and in Fuel Service Areas and Equipment Wash Areas.
Bioremediation Products have been successfully used to clean Gasoline, Diesel, Crude Oils, Creosote, PCP, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Fats, Grease, Glycols, PNA, Phenols, Benzene and Benzene Compounds (BTEX), Sulphur Containing Compounds, Solvents, Amines, MTBE, Acetone and Paint Sludge, Pipeline Condensation, DMF (dimethylformanide), Polyurethane Resin Wastes, AN (acrylonitrile), and many other complex organic compounds.

Features and Benefits

Eliminates the need for Granular Adsorbents.
Eliminates the need for socks, pads and caustic chemicals.
Remediates (chemically transforms) a variety of hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.
Eliminates 100% of your disposal costs.
Easily applied with mops, auto floor scrubbers, spray-n-wipe parts washers.
Fast-acting, dries quickly, and removes all oil-slick residues leaving a non-slip surface.
USDA approved (A-1, A-4) NSF Reg # 123558, biodegradable, with a neutral PH.
Safe to use on any water-safe surface including; metal, concrete, plastic, and rubber.
Disposable in waste sewer drains whether the facilities are private of municipal pretreatment.
Renders Flammable liquids such as gasoline, diesel, and JP8 non-flammable.
Non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and is completely harmless to human, plant, animal, and marine life

Downtime directly impacts revenue and industrial maintenance & cleaning is a major factor. Bioremediation products have successfully helped the bottom line by reducing the personnel risk of exposure to environmental hazards and reducing the downtime on turnaround projects.

Keeping Your Operations Running
Many industries are constantly searching to find the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods of dealing with environmental problems while keeping their operations running. Bioremediation products can be used for industrial cleaning and maintenance without interfering with operations. Our products are efficient and effective.

Cost Effective And Successful Industrial Maintenance
Our bioremediation industrial cleaning products have been tested and used cost-effectively by major corporations in the U.S. for many environmental clean-up problems. Bioremediation products typically costs between one third to one half of traditional waste transportation and disposal activities!

Crude Oil


Diesel Fuel


Fuel Oil

Jet Fuel

Heating Fuels

Motor Oil



Lubrication Oil



Hydraulic Oil

Cutting Fluids




Mineral Spirits




Carbon Black


Paint Thinners

Animal Oils

Transmission Oil

Vegetable Oils

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